Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Using teachings and practices from the Buddha as well as modern-day contemplatives, IMCC supports the development of mindfulness and compassion meditation practices. 

We are actively engaged in addressing our blind spots (e.g. biases, white privilege) in order to become a truly welcoming and inclusive organization. We are doing this through individual and collective participation in programs designed to critically reflect on and change the ways in which structural, systemic and individual beliefs and actions have perpetuated these barriers.

Centuries of institutional and structural racism created by white people have caused untold suffering to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.  We are actively working to understand and change the barriers faced by people based on race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability and other factors that have denied or discouraged equal access to resources, including programs at IMCC. The dharma and justice are not separate philosophies.

IMCC Board of Directors and teachers are committed to bringing Buddhist beliefs and practices of kindness and non-harming to social justice actions. We are actively working to increase the level of our service in the community to further these goals.

We dedicate a portion of our budget to support other local nonprofit organizations. In addition, we, as individual sangha members, support and are involved in volunteer efforts throughout our community, such as:

         Hospice of the Piedmont

         Martha Jefferson Hospital

         City of Hope

         International Rescue Committee

         Shelter for Help in Emergency

         Blue Ridge Area Food Bank

         Charlottesville Free Clinic

         The Colonnades


         The Haven

         Sin Barreras


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