Relational Attunement, Rupture and Repair: An Insight Dialogue Retreat for Psychotherapists and Health Professionals

  • 05 May 2019
  • 10 May 2019
  • Shalom House

Relational Attunement, Rupture and Repair:

An Insight Dialogue Retreat for Psychotherapists and Health Professionals*


Sharon Beckman-Brindley and Phyllis Hicks

May 5 – May 10, 2019

Shalom House; Montpelier, Virginia

As clinicians and health professionals, skill with relational attunement and repair has been well documented as essential to our clients’ healing.  Attunement is the ability to read one’s own and another’s signals, to interpret them accurately and to respond with flexibility and fluidity to the signals sent.  Wise attunement also includes the ability to recognize and skillfully repair the inevitable misattunements, or ruptures that are normal in all relationships and that can result in the breakdown, both internally and externally, of collaborative and coherent relationship with oneself and others.

A stable personal practice of mindfulness is a well-established clinical skill in increasing clients’ attunement, both internally and in relationship as it improves the calm identification of one’s own - and others' - difficult emotions and habitual stories as well as the direct experience of relational connection and disconnection. Insight Dialogue practice applies these skills more directly and deeply into relationship itself. Especially for those who have histories of trauma, the benefits of mindfulness plus the strong relational components of dialogue practice can stabilize a kind awareness that supports insight, deep healing, wise action, and release of unwholesome patterns.  Practicing in this way clients can demonstrate courage, confidence, and protection from self and other views that otherwise might lead to overwhelm and isolation.  

In this Insight Dialogue retreat, we will apply the relational meditation guidelines of Insight Dialogue to bring mindfulness and unconditional presence to the moment-to-moment contemplations of relational attunement, rupture and repair. We will directly practice the application of these guidelines to the often-challenging content and the disruptive relational patterns that can appear with our clients who present every dimension of suffering and clinical distress. 

*29 CE credits will be offered for all levels of psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses and marriage and family therapists

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