IMCC Board of Directors 2014

Board  Officers

  • Jeffrey Fracher, President 
  • Dan Zisk, Vice-President 
  • Maggie MacInnis, Secretary
  • David McMerchie, Treasurer

Board of Directors

  • Sharon Beckman-Brindley
  • Jeff Coomer
  • Pat Coffey
  • Phil Dupont
  • Jeffrey Fracher
  • Stefan Jirka
  • Amy Lemley
  • David McMurchie
  • Wilson McIvor
  • Teresa Miller
  • Tom Raney
  • Allie Rudolph
  • Kristine Weaver
  • Dan Zisk
  • Maggie MacInnis


IMCC is a nonprofit organization established in 1996. Its primary mission is to promote the instruction and practice of Buddhist Insight Meditation and related teachings that awaken an individual’s natural wisdom and compassion. IMCC is located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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