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Sharon Beckman-Brindley

39 min
"Relationship as Spiritual Path, #5"
We explore teachings on taking refuge in sangha, the Pali word for "community." How does refuge in community with one another relate to our silent meditation practice?

38 min
"Relationship as Spiritual Path, #4"
We explore relational suffering in light of the Four Noble Truths and examine ways these can lead to release.

37 min
"Relationship as Spiritual Path, #3"
As we explore wholesome and not so wholesome wanting in relationship, we see more clearly the causes of relational suffering which, when known, can lead to release.

42 min
"Relationship as Spiritual Path, #2"
We continue an exploration of relationship in light of the First Noble Truth, seeing how our relationship challenges invite an inquiry into the deep mysteries of this human life.

37 min
"Relationship as Spiritual Path"
To be human is to be in relationship. This talk, the first in a series, addresses relationships of all kinds in light of the Buddha's teachings of the First Noble Truth.

41 min
"Good Will to All"
To find happiness is to cultivate hearts and minds that are open and loving toward all being and event of our lives. This includes the most difficult beings in our world as well as the very most difficult - ourselves.

Pat Coffey

33 min
"The Beauty of a Compassionate Life

30 min
"Cultivating Tranquility: The Foundation of Practice

39 min
"Your partner done left you, your dawg is dyin' and your pickup done threw a rod..........What to do?
Sometimes life is like a bad country song. Lucky for us that when conditions become challenging our meditation practice offers us practical and soothing support.

41 min
"The Awakened Heart/Mind
We explore Bodhichita, the awakened heart/mind, and its power to make a difference between happiness and anguish.

64 min
Unlikely Friendship: Slave and Slave-Owner Descendants Speak on Healing Separation through Spiritual Practice
Courage and hope in the shadow of slavery. Reflections on healing racial separation and finding friendship through honesty, faith and spiritual practice.

62 min
"Wisdom Through Relaxing Into the Flow of Nature" (
Wisdom is more of a verb than a noun. It is the continual refinement of perspective and understanding. As you practice moment to moment the laws of nature are gradually revealed and freedom is realized

36 min
"Promise of Spring"

Jackie Erskine

39 min
"A Fresh Start"
Experiencing the possibility for trusting in Awareness, Truth, and Relatedness. Trust is the basis for examining our beliefs about what is possible for us.

39 min
Generosity and Service
Exploring the connection between the “felt sense” of generosity and our acts of service to others.

Teresa Miller

27 min
Midway Point: Stability, Well-being and Courage
Midway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, we see readily the 3 marks of existence - impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and not self. We can cultivate practices that help us understand these truths: stability allows us to see the flow of change; well-being practices allow us to remember our true nature of radiance, wisdom, joy; acts of generosity and compassion strengthen us, give us courage and point to not self.

38 min
Darkness, Light and Lovingkindness

29 min
Grasshoppers and Generosity
Exploring the importance of the spiritual practice generosity.

Allie Rudolph

34 min
On Faith

48 min
Sangha and the Path

38 min
The Middle Way: Finding Balance in Tumultuous Times

Susan Stone

32 min
Ox-Herding in Charlottesville
The Zen map of the spiritual journey is expressed in the ancient "Ox-herding" pictures. Exploring each of the 10 stages portrayed, we investigate how these are relevant to our lives today.

31 min
Fear and Spiritual Practice
Exploring our choice of fixating and expanding on fear, or relating to it as spiritual practice by acknowledging fear's presence and relating in wholesome ways that contribute to awakening and joy.

38 min
The Banyan Deer, a Jataka story
An ancient Jataka fable tells the story of a Banyan deer who taught a king a lesson in nonharming and lovingkindness. Looking more closely, we see the deer also embodied compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity.

41 min
Seeing Grackles, Rocks and No-Self
We explore how we usually look but don't see really see what we're looking at and how, in the process, we engage in “selfing,” reinforcing a sense of a separate self who is looking.

29 min
Not a Matter of Addition
The Buddha taught that the supreme blessing rests in how we live life. We note that the ultimate blessing of “a heart-mind unshaken” involves a shift in consciousness.

The First Nobel Truth
The 4 Noble Truths form the foundation of the Buddha's teachings. Members of our community share their experiences and insights around the 1st Noble Truth.

40 min
Becoming Nobody, Going Nowhere
In a society focused on somebodying, our practice ultimately involves nobodying. The Buddha said no-self is a characteristic of existence, and as we practice, we begin to experience the lightness and joy of nobodying.

33 min
The Way Things Are, Our Tasks
Looking at global environmental challenges and asking what we can do to help heal the planet and our immediate environment. And how, amidst these dilemmas, can we live as spiritual pilgrims with peace in our hearts?

33 min
Bahiya Lives - and Loves
Bahiya died in Buddha’s time, but the awareness and love he embodied live today.

42 min
Disenchantment and Beyond
Disenchantment is a sign of spiritual growth. It expresses as natural lovingness and freedom of being.

42 min
Squirrel's Tail
Our minds flicker like a squirrel's tail and we long for a quiet mind. The question is do we identify with the flicking mind or can we simply be mindful of the arising a passing of thoughts and emotions.

Guided meditations

Susan Stone
Forgiveness”–19 min

Loving Kindness Meditation”–10 min

Embracing Pain with the Breath of Love”–10 min

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