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IMCC Service Directory

Service is an integral part of our spiritual practice and those who serve are performing bodhisattva acts, that is, acts of selfless service. On the other hand, if you find it hard to ask for help the Service Directory offers an opportunity to work through this issue by encouraging you to ask for it. Asking for help gives someone else the opportunity to give. Both acts, giving and taking, are part of the process of awakening.

The IMCC Service Directory addresses three areas of Service:

  • Services offered

  • Help wanted

  • Barter arrangements

Examples of various types of services include the following: automobile/computer purchases, health insurance guidance, gardening, pet care, organizational help and other similar types of services. Barter arrangements such as carpooling to/from sangha meetings or a child/elder care network are also included. Professional services such as legal/medical aren’t eligible for inclusion. All services will be offered freely or exchanged and are not a means to gain clients or customers. 
The Service Directory will evolve over time; if you're unable to offer service now but can do so later, please send your information to
Susan Stone. You may also withdraw from the directory when you wish for the next edition.


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