Membership is designed to encourage community participation, with the goals of helping to sustain our mission and activities and providing opportunities for people to deepen their practice. As always, however, everyone is welcome at IMCC events, whether a member or not; nonmembers may still sign up to receive our newsletter, and all people who did so before June 15, 2014, will continue to receive it unless they opt out.

To become a member, complete the Member Application.

What does becoming a Member mean? Registering as a “Member” of IMCC is an expression of one’s commitment to:

  1. Maintain a regular meditation practice, including a commitment to integrating the principles of mindfulness-awareness into one’s daily life
  2. Volunteer service to our community in keeping with one’s skills, personal interests, and availability
  3. Make a financial contribution to our community as one’s personal circumstances permit.
Who can become a member? Anyone can become a member, provided the three Membership Commitments are embraced.

Why become a member? Membership in IMCC is a commitment to your practice and your community. These are some of the benefits:
  • To deepen your practice by greater participation in IMCC.
  • To have the chance to offer Dana by volunteering for IMCC.
  • To access early registration for workshops and retreats.
  • To receive individual welcome meeting with an IMCC teacher.
Am I already a member? Unless you have visited and registered as a Member after June 15, 2014, you are not a member under the new Membership Structure. If you were registered in the past, you will continue to receive our email newsletter, but you must re-register to become a Member.

Who can answer other questions? If you have any questions about Membership in IMCC, please contact us.

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