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September 2017

Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville (IMCC) has grown into a vibrant community since starting in the late 1990s as a small group led by Pat Coffey, Sharon Beckman-Brindley and Susan Stone.

Today, our founding and newer teachers provide leadership for the sangha, in the Charlottesville community, and at the national level. 

As IMCC has grown in membership and offerings, a strategic review was initiated to take a fresh look at what IMCC members wanted from the organization and how we might achieve it. Called the PathForward, the plan identified several areas of particular importance to the sangha:
  1. Developing a more integrated and expansive set of program offerings
  2. Building a stronger community with events, volunteer opportunities, and outreach

Thanks to the generosity of the sangha and the efforts of IMCC teachers, officers, staff, volunteers and members, significant progress has been made over the last year and we would like to share that good news with you (see below).  

We also hope you will consider supporting IMCC again this year with a donation to help us maintain and extend our offerings.

With gratitude,
IMCC Board of Directors


What was done with 2016 donations?

  • Hiring an Operations Manager (Judy Harmon) to provide administrative support for IMCC teachers, board of directors, programs, communications, and website. This has freed up teachers to focus on developing new programs, dharma talks, and relationships with other organizations in our community.
  • Hiring a Bookkeeper (Barb Franko) to manage the IMCC books on a day-to-day basis. This has enabled IMCC to offer and account for more programs and events.
  • Offering more IMCC-sponsored programs.
    Many of these required IMCC to commit funds well in advance of collecting fees from program registrants:
    • Four Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation classes
    • Four daylong retreats
    • Two residential retreats
    • Two workshops and special sessions
    • Six guest speakers
    • Three new White Awake groups
  • Improving communication and online services
    • IMCC “Dharma Insight” Podcast
    • Audio dharma talks on YouTube and the IMCC website
    • Redesigned, “mobile-friendly” website and higher service level from web provider
    • Weekly IMCC newsletter and announcements
  • Improving outreach and participation in the larger community
    • Book Festival: sponsoring meditation program with Hugh Byrne and Erin Olivo.
    • Clergy Collective: IMCC teachers and community members played active roles in developing and leading alternatives to the rallies in Charlottesville this summer.
    • Workshop: co-sponsorship with other community organization of the "Responding to Hatred without Hating" workshop led by David Campt
  • Adding to IMCC’s “rainy day” fund

What 2017–18 initiatives are envisioned?

In addition to continuing initiatives from last year, below are additional activities that have been considered by the Board. Additional suggestions from sangha members are welcomed.

  • Mentoring and financial support for current teachers and teachers in training
  • A new theme-based series on meditation techniques
  • A wider variety of residential and non-residential retreat offerings
  • A variety of dharma talk formats on Tuesday evenings
  • Recruitment of more guest teachers to provide sangha talks and retreats
  • Continued building of financial reserves to prepare for unanticipated events and opportunities

What can I do to help?

If you are not already an IMCC member we encourage you to become one. Membership is an expression of one’s commitment to: (1) maintain a regular meditation practice, (2) volunteer service to the community and (3) make a financial contribution to the community. Details can be found at

If you are already an IMCC member we invite you to make an additional donation to support these initiatives.

How do I make a tax-deductible donation?

The fundraising campaign continues through the end of October. You can make a donation in several ways:

What if I have questions or comments?

Please contact Judy Harmon or IMCC president Jeffrey Fracher (

What IMCC means to me?

"When we made a new home in Charlottesville 11 years ago, John and I knew that we would have a spiritual home at IMCC.  What we have found is a community, not only enlivening our meditation practices, but offering incredible generosity and emotional support as we have faced major health challenges .  We are especially grateful for our respective KM groups, small sturdy groups of spiritual friends who have willingly explored the dharmic resonances of impermanence as we face sickness, old age, and death"

              -Jackie Erskine

"I came to IMCC about 8 years ago simply because sitting with a large group motivated my practice the rest of the week. As my knowledge of the Buddah’s teachings grows, I appreciate how the weekly dharma talks can feed these structures of understanding. And finally, the sangha provides friendships with a wide array of people with whom I share an abiding interest in growing and caring for all of life. We are so fortunate to have this group in our community." 

                 -Angel Lillard

"I think IMCC offers a wonderful mix of meditation practice, thoughtful and practical teachings to help one navigate life, and a buddhist spiritual home.  Finding this group of people committed to learning and sharing love and kindness has had a profound impact on my life."

                  -John Wilson


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