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Pat Coffey IMCC

Pat Coffey

As a child the mystical elements of the Catholic Church intrigued me. There was a sense of something larger, unknown, mysterious about being alive. That sense of wonder grew into a thirst to know and to explore this ethereal essence called consciousness. That desire found a lifetime playground when I discovered meditation in my mid 20's. 

Meditation practice is quite the journey, embracing all of life. At times the practice is very peaceful, beautiful, exhilarating, heart and mind opening, and at other times really challenging. Working with difficult emotions, old traumas and the exterior press of our frantic culture is part of the deal. 

All in all, I can't imagine not having a meditation practice. It has been a great aid and comfort in navigating the vicissitudes of life.... or as Zorba the Greek lamented “the full catastrophe.” More than just a comfort, meditation has greatly helped me in managing life, in supporting a fuller engaged presence to all the fabulous joys and all the deep sorrows of being alive. A meditative presence requires real living in real time, encouraging an intimate inhabiting of all the roles and various relationships I encounter including the challenges of aging, sickness, death. 

Teaching has been a surprise, a wonderful gift. The longer I teach the more I feel the gratitude, honor and privilege of witnessing and supporting others in their most poignant and important explorations. Interacting with others as they develop their own contemplative art is creative, heart-opening fun that I enjoy immensely.  

--Pat Coffey

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