Spiritual Friends (KM) Groups

IMCC members who have completed our introductory meditation course can apply to join a Spiritual Friends or Kalyana Mitta (KM) group. KM groups are gatherings of "spiritual friends" who support one other’s study of the dharma and its application to everyday life through meditation and dialogue with an emphasis on mindful listening and speaking. 

Groups meet on a regular basis, typically twice a month and members commit to regular attendance and participation in their groups. Meetings often begin with a period of silent meditation followed by a "check-in." Most groups then explore the experiences and situations shared during the check-in. Groups may focus on a specific dharma topic drawn from Buddhist literature or have a special emphasis undefined such as couples, parenting or chronic pain.

The KM coordinator helps people with similar interests and logistical needs network to form a KM group. Sometimes there are openings in existing groups, and new groups form when possible.

To Apply to Join a Spiritual Friends or KM Group -- or Discuss Creating a New One:

If you’re interested in joining an existing group or becoming a member of a new one, please complete the online KM questionnaire. The KM Coordinator, Cecilia Mills, will respond to you after receiving your completed questionnaire.

IMCC Teacher, Susan Stone, led a discussion with a panel of  members about their experiences in Spiritual Friends/KM groups. 

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