Our Vision, Mission, and Values


Our vision is to be a welcoming, engaged, and equitable community where all may find refuge, connection, and a path toward liberation.


Our mission is to offer Buddhist teachings (Dharma), support for meditation practice, and opportunities for openhearted discussion with people of all backgrounds and beliefs. We gather in community (Sangha) to cultivate greater awareness, joy, compassion, and freedom from suffering.


Our values are grounded in the teachings of the Buddha.

The Dharma - We dedicate ourselves to the ethics, compassion, and liberation framework of Buddhist teachings, which are as applicable today as they were 2500 years ago.

Welcoming Community – We are dedicated to creating a Sangha space that is welcoming. We embrace diversity, respect differences, and honor all voices.

Generosity and Service – We cultivate the open-hearted practice of generosity (dana) in service and monetary gifts to support our community.

Living the Teachings – We encourage living the Dharma by deepening our understanding of the teachings and their application to all of life’s joys and challenges.

Stewardship - We are committed to the responsible stewardship of financial, human, and natural resources for future generations. We are committed to developing and maintaining a healthy, responsive organization with stability and clear purpose.

Social Engagement – We actively foster equity within our Sangha and through service to our surrounding community. We commit ourselves to the healing of the world by helping to dismantle human systems of oppression and harm. We recognize personal discomfort as an opportunity to share in the challenge of our collective liberation toward a shared experience of love, wisdom, and justice for all beings and our natural world.

Sustainability - Guided by Buddhist principles, we support our Sangha and our surrounding community in responding to our ecological crises. We vow to live more responsibly in the food, products, and energy we consume, drawing inspiration, strength, and guidance from the living Earth, our ancestors, and future generations.

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